3 Reasons Why Demerara Sugar is Good For Your Skin

March 29, 2016

Consuming sugar on a regular basis can certainly take a toll on your skin, as sugar has been linked to breakouts and aged skin. Sugar used as a scrub externally, however, has a far more positive effect.

Demerara sugar is a light brown, only partially refined sugar, that contains more minerals than regular refined and processed white sugar. We use this sugar in our scrubs due to it’s wonderful moisturizing and exfoliating properties.

Here’s why we love Demerara Sugar:

1. It Exfoliates

When regular salt is used alone as an exfoliant it can be harsh and cause microscopic tears in the skin. Sugar is different in that it is gentler and because of its humectant properties it helps to encourage hydration by retaining moisture, rather than drying out the skin like certain salt scrubs can. It will gently remove all traces of dead skin, revealing glowing, beautiful and baby soft skin.

2. It Moisturises

As mentioned above, sugar has humectant properties, which means that it draws moisture in from the environment into the skin, helping to keep your skin hydrated. This makes demerara sugar a good choice to use as a facial exfoliant too as it will keep the skin moisturised and therefore, plump and healthy.

3. It Keeps Skin Young Glycolic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), is important for encouraging cell turnover and promoting new growth to reveal healthier, smoother and softer skin. Glycolic acid found in skin care, however, can be harsh and irritating to sensitive skins. Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid, meaning you can reap the benefits of this natural source of AHA without the harsh side effects.

Demerara sugar is a popular ingredient in our coffee scrubs due to these wonderful benefits. Use regularly, at least once a week, to start to notice softer, smoother and younger looking skin!