Detoxifying with Himalayan Pink Salt

February 23, 2016

You may have heard of Himalayan pink salt. It’s become popular recently to use instead of table or sea salt in cooking. This salt is found in very old sea beds and harvested by hand. While the name insinuates that it is found in the Himalayas, a lot of pink salt sold today was found in the mountains of Pakistan.

The best benefit of Himalayan salt is the numerous minerals found in it. Unlike overly processed and bleached table, salt stripped of most of its nutrients, Himalayan pink salt contains tons of essential minerals, electrolytes and other elements needed by the body. The salt comes from seas that dried up and left all of their minerals to crystalize.

The pink color comes from the iron and other minerals it contains. When it is mined, it is then crushed, washed and left to dry in the sun.

Besides using it on your food, Himalayan salt makes a wonderful bath salt. When you add it to your bath water, your skin, the largest organ, can soak up all the benefits. It can relax the muscles, especially sore ones, and stimulate circulation. Bathing with salt can reduce inflammation, therefore soothing aches and pains. These baths stimulate circulation by warming the body and helping veins to temporarily expand.

The skin uses dermal absorption to soak in all the minerals, which include magnesium, calcium, copper, phosphorus, sodium, zinc and potassium. Ever hear of bathing with epsom salt? That replenishes the body’s magnesium, so Himalayan pink salt baths are even better.

Detox your body with a salt bath. Salt baths, particularly epsom salt or Himalayan salt, create a reverse osmosis to draw out toxins from your skin and allow the good minerals to enter.

How a Salt Scrub can help detox your body
If you’re not one for baths, your skin can still benefit from Himalayan pink salt. One of the most beneficial ways to use Himalayan Pink salt as a detox for the body is in a body scrub. The rough texture and essential nutrients make it a great way to refresh your skin.

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