10 Surprising DIY Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

January 05, 2016

If you think coconut oil is only good for cooking with, then you are seriously missing out! Coconut oil has gained popularity in the kitchen due to its powerful health benefits, but if you want to really treat yourself then we recommend taking it out of the kitchen! 

Coconut oil has some wonderful beauty uses and we have compiled a list of ten of our favourites:

1. Moisturizing Hair Treatment
There are a million expensive hair treatments on the market, but you probably didn’t realize that the best one of all is sitting on your kitchen counter! Coconut oil also penetrates deeply into the hair follicle and moisturizes from within rather than just coating the hair on the outside. Coconut oil is also antibacterial and antifungal, which is a perfect solution for dandruff and dry scalp. Simply massage some coconut oil into your scalp and pull through your hair until fully saturated before wrapping your hair in saran wrap and covering for at least 30 minutes. Shampoo and condition as you usually would afterwards.

2. Treating Dry, Itchy Skin
Dry itchy skin is not only irritating, it can be embarrassing too when you are out and the urge to scratch takes over. Coconut oil will solve all your dry skin woes, we promise! Coconut oil is rich in saturated­fatty acids, which leaves skin feeling soft to the touch, prevents moisture loss through the pores and prevents the signs of premature aging. Simply massage into skin as needed to enjoy this luxurious treat!

3. Cleansing Makeup Remover
Oil cleansers are all the rave lately and with good reason! Healthy oils such as coconut oil dissolve makeup and cleanse deeply, whilst leaving your skin with just the right amount of hydration once you have cleaned it off. Simply massage onto skin for a minute or two before gently wiping off with a warm wash cloth.

4. Smoothing Shave
Ditch those shaving foams full of chemicals and opt for coconut oil instead. Your razor will glide over your skin! Coconut oil will prevent ingrown hairs and keep your skin deeply moisturized. Rub a little all over the area you want to shave before shaving

5. Tropical Massage Oil
Coconut oil is wonderful as a massage oil as it simply glides over the skin without drying out. It also smells wonderful of course and with your eyes closed you can transport yourself to a tropical paradise! Have your significant other lather you up with coconut oil before massaging

6. Teeth Whitener
Who doesn’t want whiter teeth? Gargling with coconut oil for 20 minutes can rid the mouth of germs and contribute to not only whiter teeth, but a fresher breath and healthier gums too! Take a teaspoon of coconut oil and swish around your mouth for 20 minutes, then rinse

7. Soften and Moisturize Cuticles
One of the biggest secrets to making your manicure last is moisture and lots of it! To instantly refresh your manicure as well as to make it last longer, massage some coconut oil into your cuticles at least once a day.

8. Seal Annoying Split Ends
Want to instantly seal those annoying split ends? Simply massage a tiny amount of coconut oil between your fingers and smooth over the ends of your hair and voila! This adds incredible shine too.

9. Hydrate Under Eyes
Don’t want to splurge on that expensive eye­cream? Dab a small amount of coconut oil on this delicate skin instead and your under eyes will stay hydrated for hours!

10. Prevent Stretch Marks
The secret to preventing stretch marks is intense moisture and coconut oil provides just that! If you are an expectant mom, you will want to keep a jar of this right next to your bed!