Top Body Boosters For Spring

September 24, 2015

Mr Bean knows that nature provides all the foods you need in spring to cleanse and detoxify the body, but best of all, you can apply many of these foods topically as simple, natural face masks and body scrubs. Below are my top-five secret weapons for getting gorgeous the natural way.

  1. 1. Get your eight hours. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason! Sleep is the time when your body repairs and renews itself, so regularly getting a good night’s sleep will not only help with your detox but will put you on the path to glowing skin.
  2. 2. Have regular Epsom bath salts. Whether a full bath or footbath, add Epsom salts to your water, as they’re rich in detoxifying sulfur and relaxing magnesium and promote detoxification. (Avoid if you are pregnant or if have any serious condition, consult your doctor.)
  3. 3. Get body brushing. Dry body brushing with a natural-bristle brush will help exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce cellulite and help drain the lymphatic system of toxins. Starting at your toes, brush your skin using long strokes towards your heart. Do this three times a week for glowing skin.
  4. 4. Scrub up. Mr Bean Body scrub is a great way to scrub up your body and detoxify the skin and decongest areas of the thighs and buttocks (just be careful in the shower, as oil can make the recess very slippery!).
  5. 5. Treat your skin to a face mask. Decongest the skin and help bring back your natural radiance with a DIY face mask. I love this lemon, green tea and papaya enzyme face mask, as it’s rich in skin-refining enzymes, alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants – guaranteed to bring the rosiness back to your cheeks.