Reasons Why to Use Organic Skincare

April 29, 2015


It is common knowledge that many chemicals penetrate the skin barrier and are absorbed into the bloodstream. Think nicotine patches. Applying skin care products that contain potentially dangerous toxins such as phthalates and parabens to your skin every day will give you a measured dose of chemicals your body won't thank you for.

Why should you buy organic skin care products? Is it all just hype and marketing tripe that will fizzle out? We think not. There are SO many reasons to buy organic skin care products, but Mr Bean has narrowed it down to 4 of the best:

  1. Non-toxic

To gain certified organic status in Australia, skin care products need to be made with 95% organic ingredients. No need to waste time deciphering labels. If it's certified organic, you can rest assured it doesn't contain petrochemicals, talc, synthetic fragrances or colours, antimicrobial agents not from organic sources, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, PEGS or potentially harmful preservatives.

  1. It works!

When you buy certified organic skin care products, you're paying for high concentrations of pure, plant-based ingredients that enrich and FEED your skin, like an organic avocado FEEDS your body with good fats. Pure essential oils, therapeutic grade nut and seed oils, certified organic herbal extracts, essential fatty acids, natural vitamins and plant-based liposomes and antioxidants are some of the ingredients you'll find in certified organic skin care. Forget the lab-produced stuff — these ingredients are straight from Mother Nature and they are formulated to work together in a beautiful synergy to give you naturally radiant skin.

  1. Ethical

For products to gain certified organic status in Australia, they must adhere to stringent rules. Testing on animals at any stage of the production or development of a certified organic skin care product is prohibited. The products must also be clearly labelled to provide accurate information to consumers. No greenwashing allowed!

  1. Eco-friendly

Certified organic skin care products are usually made by smaller companies who actually care about the environment, rather than massive multinationals who may not be particularly eco-conscious. Certified organic skin care companies generally avoid excess packaging, use biodegradable packaging and don't use the kinds of ingredients that can make their way into the water supply and wreak environmental havoc — such as microbeads.