Natural Skincare Remedies

April 29, 2015

#1 - Coconut oil for eye makeup removal

Coconut oil smells all beachy and sunshiney and pulls that mascara straight off your face. Simply pour or swipe a bit of virgin coconut oil onto an organic cotton ball or soft cloth and wipe gently across your eyelids, trying not to get it in the eye itself {because that kind of hurts}. Rinse with cool water and pat dry. I find coconut oil too heavy for the rest of my face ... but love it for my eyes.


#2 - Cocoa butter for body moisturising

Cocoa butter smells like your favourite chocolate bar and helps keep moisture in your skin like nothing else can. It's not heavy, but some people don't like it on their faces {though others, like my friend Renee, swear by it}. At the least, grab yourself a small block of raw organic cocoa butter and rub it directly on your skin after a shower. It melts at body temperature, leaving a light skin-protecting layer behind. It's also awesome on lips or as a non-liquid travel moisturiser.

# Honey for face purifying
I can't bring myself to slather mayonnaise or avocado or whatever on my skin {or hair} ... but honey? That's different. The sweet stickiness of honey makes it an excellent mask to purify the skin - removing pollutants and deep-cleaning. Just mix 1 Tbs honey with 1 tsp of water or cool green tea, lightly rub onto your face {avoiding the eye area}, and sit down for 5-10 minutes out of reach of your dog. {If you have a dog, you'll know why ... } Then wash with warm water, pat dry and moisturise as you like. I like to use raw honey, because it retains more of its natural nutrients ... but you just need one of those little honey packets from the hotel breakfast to refresh travel-weary skin.